The audio recordings from the Men of God in Kent  Conference 2013 can be downloaded from this page as mp3 files.

To download individual files,  right-click on the relevant link and choose ‘Save link as…’ or ‘Save target as…’, depending on which browser you are using.

1. Introduction, hymn and prayer
Download link: 1-Introduction.mp3 (9:55; 11Mb)
Listen online:

2. Take Responsibility for Yourself
Download link: 2-Take-Responsibility-for-Yourself.mp3 (53:13; 61Mb)
Listen online:

3. Take Responsibility for Others
Download link: 3-Take-Responsibility-for-Others.mp3 (44:11; 51Mb)
Listen online:

4. Question Time
Download link: 4-Question-Time.mp3 (29:44; 34Mb)
Listen online: